A group of Akko volunteers to the "Partnership2gether" came to the Galilee Medical Center (GMC), to learn about one of the most prominent organizations in the partnership.

During the visit, the partnership volunteers watched a video and presentation on the activities of the medical center given by Ms. Aya Kipershlak, International Affairs Director of the medical center, and heard from her about the health revolution occurring at the GMC, a leading medical center, and about the innovations and future plans of the center.

toured the medical center, which included the Department of Emergency Medicine and the protected underground hospitalization facility, the first of its kind in this country.

In addition,
the guests enjoyed a preview of the "Tree of Life" mosaic by artists Joanie Rothenberg and Yael Buxbaum.  This is a co-creation between the local community and the artists.  Local groups visit and glue the glass mosaic tiles to the piece.  The artwork will be centrally displayed in the new Women's Health Wing.

Ms. Aya Kipershlak: Our medical center is one of the main organizations that promote the Partnership2gether project. It is a platform for professional and personal relationships. The combination of art and medicine, as represented by the project Eitz Haim, is one of the most creative ways to unite people with different interests and backgrounds into one goal - together.