The Galilee Medical Center of Nahariya will hosted Israel’s first ever international conference in conjunction with the internationally known Mayo Clinic. Attendees included some of the world’s top physicians and researchers, all leading experts in the fields of heart, kidney, and brain health. Conference topics touched on a variety of study areas of joint interest to researchers of the Mayo Clinic and Galilee Medical Center.

The renowned Mayo Clinic is the world’s largest non-profit employer, employing 3,500 physicians, thousands of researchers and scientists, amassing more than 48,000 employees in total.

Prof. Batya Kristal, Director of Nephrology and Head of Research at the Galilee Medical Center, and Vice Dean for Clinical Research at the Faculty of Medicine Bar Ilan in the Galilee, emphasized the importance of the conference: "This is the first time that Mayo Clinic researchers join us in Israel to participate in an interdisciplinary dialogue that will bridge over many areas of medical research, integrating the brain, heart and kidneys. This unique conference will highlight the effect of the interaction among the organs of the body. That is, not merely the function of each organ alone, but rather the mutual influences of the functions of different organs, such as the effect of heart function on the kidney, the kidney on the heart, the heart on the brain, etc…”

The relationship between Galilee Medical Center and Mayo Clinic was forged during a professional and personal meeting between Professor Kristal with Prof. Lilach Lerman of Mayo Clinic during an American conference on the kidneys.

Prof. Lilach Lerman is a leading Researcher and the Director of the Research Laboratory of kidney vascular physiology, as well as Associate Chair for Research of the Division of Nephrology Research of Mayo Clinic. Prof. Lerman completed her medical studies at the Technion in Haifa, earned her PhD in Physiology at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School, and has lived in the USA for two decades, where she has established a research laboratory in kidney physiolog.
his International Conference has generated considerable interest, which is manifested in the support of two leading international organizations: ISN - International Association of Nephrologists, and Dialysis ERA European Union, both of which have sponsored this unique collaborative event, to be held March 8-10 in Galilee Medical Center.

This conference was made possible by a generous grant provided by the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation.