Flu Vaccines for employees of Galilee Medical Center


Once again, Galilee Medical Center is shoring up for the winter season. The medical and nursing staff, together with para-medical personnel and the ancillary staff are being vaccinated against the flu virus.


Dr. Masad Barhoum, Director of Galilee Medical Center, received his flu shot this week, and emphasized the importance of doing so: "According to the Ministry of Health, we are in store for a difficult winter with a significant number of flu victims. It is important to receive a flu vaccine, especially in the months of October and November, since we must allow for two weeks before the anti-viral material is absorbed into the immune system. The flu vaccine is available at all HMO's throughout the country, free of charge, and are especially recommended for young children to the age of 5, people over 65, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses of all ages. Still, I recommend that everyone receives the flu vaccine, since it is a complex illness that can be life-endangering. A simple flu shot is the best protection for a person and his/her family, and can prevent widespread contagion."