Course in Basic Life Support (BLS) for GalileeMedicalCenter employees 

A course in Basic Life Support (BLS) was recently offered to the paramedical and ancillary staffs of GalileeMedicalCenter. The course, which used simulation techniques to teach hands-on resuscitation skills of the adult, child and infant, was highly praised. 

The course was taught by ICU nurse and Resuscitation Instructor Roman Drobitsky, together with other instructors: OR nurse and BLS coordinator Denis Ossov, Pediatric ICU head nurse Naama Shahar, , and ICU nurse Yelena Gurevich.

Roman Drobitsky explains: "I am involved in teaching resuscitation and supervision of real-time resuscitation. Resuscitation is a fairly common event in a hospital, and occurs almost daily. In 2013 we had 275 reports of resuscitation. A resuscitation situation is a matter of life and death, and the medical and nursing staff must be trained and prepared to perform resuscitation. We train our staff by updating their knowledge, and with the use of practice drills and simulation.

As Resuscitation Coordinator, Drobitsky carries out planned practice drills in each department at least once each month, where the department's staff practices different scenarios in order to improve their readiness and skills.  In addition, he stages surprise drills in each department a least twice yearly to test their preparedness.  The surprise drill is videotaped so that the participants may learn from viewing the film later on.

According to Drobitsky, the importance of resuscitation is not recognized widely enough, and he is intent on increasing resuscitation skills in the general population, and not only the caregivers.  Recently, Galilee Medical Center and the American health Association have come to an agreement that would allow GMC to teach internationally-approved basic and advanced courses in resuscitation and life support. 

The Israeli Ministry of Health requires that every nurse and physician complete a resuscitation course every two years. GalileeMedicalCenter offer courses in neonatal resuscitation (NRP), pediatric resuscitation (PALS), adult resuscitation (ACLS) and basic life support (BLS)..

Dr. Arye Eisenman is the director and teacher of ACLS, and Ibrahim Ciahl the courses' coordinator. Denis Ossov coordinates the BLS courses.

PALS courses are directed and taught by Dr. Zeev Zonis, with Naama Shahar acting as pediatric BLS coordinator. Dr. Mordechai Ben-Elisha directs and teaches the NRP courses. Dr. Shimon Ivry is head of the Resuscitation Committee.

Thanks to the success of recent BLS courses, another course will be offered in November, with plans to offer BLS courses throughout the year.