Western Galilee Medical Center – Nahariya, in conjunction with Partnership2Gether’s Akko and Matte Asher- Central Area Consortium Region, were proud to host a community seminar presented by Professor Abraham Ben-Zvi, world recognized academic in the field of US- Israel relations.


With seminar participants from across the Western Galilee region and many members of the hospital’s professional and medical staff in attendance, Prof. Ben-Zvi discussed America’s historic international policy and its current position in the global arena as well as the special diplomatic relationship shared by Israel and the United States.  


Dr. Tsvi Sheleg, Assistant Director General of WGMC expressed the administration’s enthusiasm over the past decade for the Partnership2Gether platform and reminded the assembly that like the partnership the hospital expands its activities for the entire community to benefit everyone for the Galilee region.  But more over, the hospital places great importance on the individual with their “People to People” medical approach.


Aya Kipershlak Director of the Foreign Affairs Department of the hospital reminded the group that not only are the topics of Us- Israel relations relevant and exciting topics for the general public but that it is a great honor for the medical center host this community initiative which brings one of the nation’s foremost academics to Nahariya. The Foreign Affairs Department is the hospital’s center of global outreach and connection and hosts the medical center’s Partnership2Gether Medical Task Force activities that foster professional and academic connection between the medical community of the Western Galilee and its partnered communities from throughout the world.