8 year old Abdul from Ethiopia arrived to a medical mission in Addis Abbaba after being viciously attacked by a wild hyena. Causing massive wounds to the head, the damage to the boy’s face was horrifyingly extensive. The hospital in his current location is only able to dress the wounds although the child requires multiple surgeries to repair his face and save his eye, if only the structural integrity. 


Word of this young boys horrifying ordeal came to us by way of a Jewish physician working with the JDC in the region. After initial medical investigation via conference calls and with the aid of photographic evidence, it was determined that he urgently requires large skin grafts to cover his head, surgery for his eye the socket and eyelid.

This is a series of 3-4 procedures which can be undertaken over the course of 6 weeks, including two weeks in the hospital inpatient and ambulatory rest. The most pressing issue is that without undergoing immediate surgery his head injuries may lead to severe infection and endanger the child's life. In addition, it is unclear if there is a chance to save the sight in his damaged eye, but we understand that as time passes the likelihood will decrease.

We see this as a case of human tragedy and a humanitarian need to provide any assistance we can. The full cost of treatment and expenses is estimated at $40,000-$50, 000 (this is of course only a primary estimate). The administration of the hospital has decided to absorb the majority of medical cost as a humanitarian gesture; however, we will need to raise $ 15,000 to be used primarily to cover expenses outside the hospital (flight, housing etc.) and medical expenses that the hospital can not take on by law.

The Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia are involved in this case, and the ambassador is working to assist with the technical issues involved in the transfer of the child his necessary guardian accompaniment to Israel. If we are able to raise the necessary amount, it is our intention to act immediately on the child’s behalf to transfer him for this desperately needed medical care. We consider this as our duty and privilege to save the life of the child, and on this side aware of the implications and importance of such projects the goals of promoting healthy relations between Israel and its Muslim neighbors, in Africa in particular.