In a recent event held at Western Galilee Meidcal Center - Nahariya, the cornerstone was laid for the establishment of a new medical research institute which will be built on the hospital’s grounds. Ceremony was attended by hundreds of hospital friends and supporters including Bar Ilan University President Prof. Moshe Kaveh, Director General of the hospital Dr. Massad Barhoum, President of Friends of the Hospital, Raya Strauss Ben Dror and her brother Michael Strauss, MK Rina Frankel – herself a Nahariya resident, chairman of the Center for Local Government and the Mayor of Maalot - Tarshicha Shlomo Bohbot, Chairman Yishai Zelmanovich, CEO of Teva Naot and Chairman of the Friends of the hospital Michael Illouz, Bar Ilan’s Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee Dean Prof. Ran Tur Kaspa, medical personnel, local supporters from the region and representatives from the government.


The Research Institute will require a year to construct, stretching ​​1,200 square meters. The new Institute will be established in the spirit of translation research, aiming to find drugs in a variety of different research areas: cancer research, infectious disease, neuroscience, genetics, gynecology, kidney disease and heart disease.

The event was a moving ceremony during which awarded the Outstanding Member of the Medical Center Yehuda Ron, Assistant Director of the Administration for Planning and Developing for the Ministry of Health. Ron was the main factor in the construction of several projects at the medical center, including: the Surgical Wing, Rehabilitation Department, the new Emergency Department, the hospital underground entrance, the Women's Health Wing and more.

In a moment of important reflection, Dr. Masad Barhoum reminded the assembled crowd and supporters "Social justice means the right to equal healthcareat a high level, regardless of where you live.” He continued, “For this to happen, there must be a global program that involves all government offices and save the public health system in Israel. We are not waiting idly for that to happen. In recent years, despite the difficulties and budgetary constraints, we have witnessed true revolution. Opening new departments, new medical services arrived, including those who have never existed in the periphery; purchased medical equipment whose unique to us, and professional medical staff recruited and trained at the highest level, joining the excellent team who are here."

Prof. Moshe Kaveh president of Bar-Ilan University: "Building the Research Institute is part of an upgrade to hospitals in the North and as part of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bar Ilan in the Galilee." Professor Koh also found that with the completion of the permanent structure of faculty teach more than 1,000 students and graduate students and is a tremendous change for the North and Israel as a whole. Although no permanent campus yet exists for the newest medical school, 60% of all the students will be trained in Western Galilee Medical Center as the largest clinical field.

Prof. Ran Tur Kaspa, Dean of the Medical Faculty of Bar-Ilan University explained that the establishment of the Research Institute in the Medical Center is based according to an innovative approach that integrates teaching, research and medical practice. In line with the recognized advantages of establishing a disease-oriented research centers where doctors are engaged in their research he commented, "The entire world came to the conclusion that this is the best way to develop drugs tailored to each patient according to his genome map."