Western Galilee Medical Center is the major medical center of the region catering to more some 600,000 residents of the surrounding area. Of the many thousands of patients who pass through the doors of the Emergency Department, it was found that an extraordinary number of the pediatric referrals occur after head trauma, and in most cases from falls occurring in the home. The numbers are stark and show that 64% of all cases seen in the Pediatric Emergency Room contribute to this trend.


60% of these dangerous falls resulting in head trauma occur in boys and 40% in girls.


Annually the medical center sees up to 300 children hospitalized from accidents occurring in the home.


Following the publishing of these startling statistics, Director of the Pediatric Surgical Unit, Dr. Yechiel Sweed commented, “We are working to create educational materials and to work with local partners in distribution to the families through local clinics, pre-schools and even in the maternity ward to give parents the information needed to keep children safe so that we may see a reduction in these needless injuries.”