In a special visit from Pastor Deane and Margaret Woods, the Western Galilee Medical Center- Nahariya was proud to receive a commemorative plaque to mark the olive tree planted one year ago by the family. The Woods, Israel supporters who traveled from Australia to show their support for the nation, donated a symbolic olive tree in honor of their son Cameron.

Cameron, born with development disabilities, was gainfully employed before suffering from a series of disabling illnesses. No longer able to work, his family has decided to share some of his compensation benefits with the people of Israel. Through World ORT, an organization which supports the advancement of education institutions throughout Israel, the family became connected to the AFIK School which is housed in the medical center. The school is the educational body of the hospital and provides continuing education for all children hospitalized throughout the many wards, ensuring that despite illness or injury, all children receive access to their academic lessons until their healthy return to their home institutions. AFIK School is also the daytime home of the medical centers closed pediatric and adolescent psychiatric department. This department is the only such facility north of Nes Ziona and using unique artistic therapies as well as technology enriched activities to grant the hospitalized students tools to achieve continued success in their lives after their release.

Western Galilee Medical Center and the AFIK School wish to thank the Woods family for their contribution and their support.