Akko Mayor Shimon Lankri, was shot through the chest after leaving a local event and heading towards the intersection of Kfar Makar. He managed to call an ambulance rescue service and was brought immediately to Western Galilee Medical Center.  Arriving in moderate but stable condition, the mayor was unconscious. Police forces were deployed to the scene and continue to investigate possible suspects.

Director General of Western Galilee. Medical Center, Dr. Masad Barhoum commented, "The mayor's life was saved by a pure miracle. He suffered a bullet wound in the middle of the chest by the left armpit. There are entry and exit wounds of the bullet, which hit the top of his lung, but there was no damage to the blood vessels and was breathing on his own. Immediate care was provided to the affected lung. But there is no doubt he miraculously survived. An inch the other way and the story would have ended very differently. Shimon is my friend and a friend of the medical center, a much loved partner who does a lot of things for the city and the Western Galilee, so there are many difficult emotions when that person comes to you on a stretcher. On the other hand, there is no longer any danger to his life from this incident and we are very relieved."


Hospitalized over the Passover holiday, Mayor Lankri was discharged from the hospital and is on the path to recovery.