The opening of Western Galilee’s newest surgical unit means accessible neurosurgical care to the 600,000 residents of the Galilee and to an overall 1.6 million of the entire Galilee and Golan regions who depend solely on this medical center for Neurosurgical treatment. With heightened violence witnessed in the Syrian Golan as of late, the Western Galilee Medical Center has become the main receiving medical center for severe head traumas requiring surgery and continued care.


On March 27, 2013, two unknown Syrian casualties were transferred to Nahariya in coordination with UN troops and the Israel Defense Forces in the region. Both sustaining serious head wounds, the patients were transferred directly to the Shock Room of the hospital’s Emergency Department. Suffering from a bullet wound to the head with massive bleeding as a result, the medical trauma team of the Shock Room attempted to resuscitate the first patient before having to confirm his death.


The second patient was treated after exhaustive attempts to stabilize before undergoing brain surgery in the new Neurosurgery Department. At the time of initial treatment in the hospital, his medical condition was considered very severe. We are happy to share that after a number of complex procedures; the surviving patient is recuperating and continuing his care in the Neurology Department of Western Galilee Medical Center.  


Although only a month old, the new Neurosurgical Department of Western Galilee Medical Center is the first Neurosurgical Center in the Galilee and stands ready to treat both the civilians and soldiers who live and serve throughout the northern region of Israel.