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Women's Health - General Information

Galilee Medical Center- Divisions and Departments - Women’s Health Division - General Information


Dear Visitors to our Website,

Welcome to the  Galilee  Medical Center’s Women’s Health Division Website.

The division director is Prof. Yaakov Borenstein.  The division’s doctors are all senior physicians who specialize in their fields.  The Women’s Health Division serves all residents of the  Galilee.

The division features state-of-the-art equipment such as 4-D ultrasound that enables the diagnosis of defects with great precision.

The focus of our attention is on the patient and on ensuring her personal treatment.

Our staff includes specialist physicians, registered nurses with academic degrees, social workers, paramedical staff, geneticists, pathologists and anesthesiologists who enable us to offer maximal service of the highest quality.

Write us and consult with us - we are at your service and will answer you as soon as possible.  Below you will find information about the division and contact details.

Contact Us:

·        By telephone:  04-9107716 - Sara Gueta - Department Secretary.

·        By Fax:  04-9107471

·        By Mail:  The Women’s Health Division, Western Galilee Hospital, POB 21, Nahariya 22100

·        By Email:  sara.gueta@naharia.health.gov.il

Our clinics include a gynecology clinic, a gynecologic oncology clinic, cervical clinic and urogynecology clinic.

Appointments for obstetric ultrasonography, amniocentesis, nuchal translucency:

-         By telephone:  04-9107493 - The Genetics Institute, Sundays to Thursdays from 8:00 to 15:00.

Director Women’s Health Division

Professor Yaakov Borenstein

Division Senior Management


Director of the High Risk Pregnancy Department and Assistant Division Director

Prof. Ella Ofir


Director of the Gynecology Department

Dr. Rena Tendler


Head of the Delivery Unit

Dr. Oleg Schneider

Heads of Specific Fields


Head of Laparoscopic Surgeries

Dr. Mohammed Kis


Head of gynecologic oncology

Dr. Raphael Berenboim

Head of obstetric and gynecological ultrasound

Dr. Marwan Uda


Head of cervical clinic and colposcopy

Dr. Doron Tzarfati

Senior Physicians at the Women’s Health Division


Senior Physician

Dr. Igor Boranov


Senior Physician

Dr. Yaakov Nisamov


Senior Physician

Dr. Yulia Feldman


Senior Physician

Dr. Yael Hirsch

Nursing Staff


Division Head Nurse-Inspector

Rutie Rot


Head Obstetrics Nurse

Etti Peretz


Delivery Rooms Head Nurse

Ms. Shiri Nahir-Biderman


Nurse, Assistant Head Nurse Delivery Rooms

Ms. Ziva Graciani


Gynecology Head Nurse

Miriam Monash


Head Nurse High Risk Pregnancy Department

Moshit Shaked

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