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High Risk Pregnancy

The patients are women with hypertension, preterm contractions, multiple birth pregnancy, premature and on-time rupture of membranes, bleeding, anemia, diabetes, overdue pregnancy, infections during pregnancy, kidney diseases, increased amniotic fluid, low levels of amniotic fluid, delay in fetal growth, preeclampsia, women who come in for induced labor, women in a latent phase (pre-term labor), etc.

The unit treats:

-         Pregnant women with placenta

-         Pregnant women who are admitted for an elective caesarian section

The unit’s staff includes midwives and registered nurses who specialize in the treatment of women with high risk pregnancies and who help meet the physical and emotional needs of the patients.

Seminars and Activity:

  • Instruction for diabetic women, coping with the disease, instruction on how to inject insulin

  • Instruction for women and their husbands prior to caesarian section

  • Instruction for women in pre-term labor

  • Tours of the delivery room, by appointment.
  • Instruction for premature delivery, including a visit to the premature baby ward 

  • Baby massage by physiotherapist.

  • Nutrition instruction.

The department has a library where the women may borrow books during hospitalization.

Visiting Hours:

12:00 to 14:00

16:00 to 20:00

Partners are not permitted to sleep over in the department except in unusual cases.

We will be pleased to answer your questions:  04-9107723
Fax - 04-9107472
Professor Ella Ofir - Assistant Division Director and Director of the High Risk Pregnancy Department

   Senior Physicians in the Department


Senior Physician

Dr. Yael Hirsch

The Nursing Staff


Head Nurse - Midwife

Shaked Mushit


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