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Maternity Ward

Congratulations on your delivery.

We are pleased that you chose our hospital for your birthing experience.  The staff at the Woman’s Health Division will make every effort to ensure that your post-natal stay is a pleasant one for you and your husband.

The following is information you will need during the course of your stay in the department and for your discharge.

Please consult with the medical and nursing staff with any question or needs that may arise, and they will be pleased to be at your service.

Identification tag for the partner and entry authorization:

During your admission to the department, you will be asked to sign an authorization, in which you give consent for your partner to receive a tag.  After you sign this authorization, your partner will receive an identification tag upon presentation of an ID card.  This tag will enable your partner to enter the nursery and to return the baby to the nursery if you so wish.

Your partner must wear the tag during the entire hospital stay and remove it only after your discharge.

Your partner will receive an explanation sheet on this subject.

Your partner may stay with you during the day during the allotted hours, in order to offer support and share in the postnatal experience.  The identification tag will enable your partner to enter the medical center, the maternity ward and the nursery.

In the event that an additional escort is interested in spending time with you outside visiting hours, you must contact the person in charge in the department.

Doctors’ Rounds:

Obstetricians make their rounds in our department twice a day:

9:00 to 11:00 and 17:00 to 19:00.

It is important that you are present during rounds in order to be examined and to receive answers to your questions.

Note:  You can receive answers to your questions from the department nurses who are dressed in white.

For questions related to your baby’s condition, consult with the nursery nurses dressed in pink.

Breastfeeding Instruction - Around the Clock:

In the maternity ward and the nursery, breastfeeding instruction is available at all hours of the day and night, given by the staff of both maternity and nursery departments.

Private instruction is provided by a designated nurse and/or a nurse who has been assigned to you.

In addition, there is a certified breastfeeding consultant available for assistance.

Phone -04-9107716
Fax - 04-9107243

Nursing Staff

Department Head Nurse

Etti Peretz

Assistant Head Nurse

  Ms. Frieda Morani





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