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Birthing Unit

The 35 certified midwives who work in the delivery unit have undergone specialized courses, such as: natural childbirth, alternative treatment, breastfeeding consultants.  There is an obstetrician on duty in the delivery unit at all times.

The physical structure of the delivery rooms is very comfortable and ensures the privacy of the woman in labor.  There are nine delivery rooms; each woman has a private room conducive to natural childbirth.

The room is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.  Adjacent to the delivery unit is an operating room for emergency caesarian sections.

The delivery unit staff is continually learning and updating its knowledge, through training seminars in various fields. The staff is also engaged in research.

The staff works according to ISO procedures with internal and external controls to ensure the safest quality treatment to the mothers during delivery. 


Tours for expectant mothers and their partners:

Mondays at 16:00 and Fridays at 13:00

Please register by phone with the delivery unit:  04-9107728


The medical center offers an accelerated 1-day prenatal course given by our midwives, on Fridays from 8:00 to 14:00.  The course costs NIS 150, including refreshments, lectures and a tour of the division.

Register by phone:  04-9107583


Our delivery unit offers the option of preparing a written birth plan in which the mother dictates how she wants to give birth, including her expectations, thoughts, etc., which are shared with the staff.  The objective is to create a birthing experience that is appropriate for the mother and personally selected by her.  The plan serves as the basis for cooperative work, but is subject to changes based on the situation in the birthing process.  During the birth, the mother will receive information regarding painkillers, such as epidural anesthetics, laughing gas, T.E.N.S., and other medications.


Escorts in the delivery room:  Our delivery unit allows two escorts in the delivery room, chosen by the mother, with the option of switching the escorts.  According to existing procedures and in order to protect the mother’s privacy, the staff should be consulted before escorts enter or exit the delivery room.

We are pleased to answer your questions:  04-9107728
Fax -  04-9107243


Director of the Delivery Unit


Director of the Delivery Unit

Dr. Oleg Schneider

Unit’s Senior Physicians


Senior Physician

Dr. Igor Borianov


Senior Physician

Dr. Yaakov Nisamov


Senior Physician

Dr. Yulia Feldman

Nursing Staff


Delivery Unit Head Nurse

Ms. Sari Nahir-Biderman


Asst. to the Delivery Unit Head Nurse

Ms. Ziva Graciani


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