The Foreign Relations Unit’s activities focus on establishing contact and facilitating cooperation between the professional staff of Galilee Medical Center with its partners and colleagues around the world.



The varied activities of the unit include creating programs and partnerships with hospitals and communities, fostering the exchange of professional enrichment opportunities for staff, logistic coordination of conferences both on the national and international scale, as well promotion and leveraging the various projects within the framework of the Jewish Agency, such as the project "Partnership2Gether." Additionally the unit hosts thousands of visitors annually who come to exchange knowledge and learn from Galilee Medical Center



Additionally the unit engages in facilitiating a wide range of courses, professional training workshops and seminars for medical professionals from abroad.



In addition, the Foreign Relations Unit is responsible for the absorption and orrientation of non-Israeli medical students from abroad to perform elective months of study according to criteria of their various universities.



Foreign Affairs offices serve as the platform for our medical community’s global interaction.



Methods of communication



Phone Number - 04-9107266

Foreign Relations

In charge of Foreign Relations Ms. Aya Kipershlak

Medical Tourism Mr. Vladimir Spivak

Medical Tourism Coordinator Ms. Natalia Masnikov

Medical Tourism Coordinator Ms. Svetlana Kalina