Advancing care for Oncology patients: New Oncology Out-Patient Clinic to be built over the coming year


The new out-patient clinic will be built with funds raised by donations to the Friends of the Western Galilee Hospital and will facilitate the high level of care required by the patients who depend on care and treatment in Western Galilee hospital.


The increase in life expectancy for survivors and the various improvements in diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities cancer patients have resulted in a significant increase in the number of patients who turn to the Oncology Department of the hospital annually. In 1995, the hospital treated at the hospital only 2,700 patients with a variety of cancers. Today the number exceeds 8,000 per year with those numbers steadily growing. Each year some 1,700 new cases are diagnosed and treated within the Western Galilee Hospital driving the need based expansion of the department and the services being offered.




In a collaborative project between the Friends and the hospital, the former Emergency Department's temporary building will be reallocated to the Oncology Clinic allowing for an efficient use of space and ensuring the project is completed quickly. The existing structure will be adapted to the specific needs of the patients, significantly increasing the area available to the Oncology Department including a comprehensive and respectful space for testing, treatment and a wide range of complimentary healthcare services that currently sit scattered throughout the hospital.


Dr. Hadassah Goldberg, Director of the Department of Oncology states that, "The Department Oncology is investing effort in improving the services provided to patients who look to us for care. Construction of the new building will contribute to this move and allow the concentration of all oncology patient services provided under one roof. "


The project, which is estimated at a cost of ₪3,000,000, will be funded with donations to the Friends of the hospital from israel and abroad. A significant portion has been raised, thanks in part to a donation from a British donor in memory of his deceased brother's fight against cancer. The complex is expected to cover an area of approximately 700 square meters, designed by architect Arieh Dror and renovation work is to begin in the near future.


This project joins the many other recent advancements occurring at Western Galilee Hospital including the already completed MRI Unit as well as the in-process Rehabilitation Department, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, andHeart Center. Dr. Barhoum, Director General explains, "The rebuilding of the Oncology out-Patient Clinic reaffirms our commitment to our patients who are most in need." Additionally he invited local businessmen, companies, philanthropic organizations and individuals to commit to assisting this project. Marking a significant improvement in the quality of care provided, the Western Galilee Hospital is proud to continue expanding services and improving care for the 600,000 residents of the region who depend on the hospital for care.