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Dietary and Nutrition

Dietary and Nutrition Service

The unit’s staff consists of a dietician - a certified nutritionist.


Clinical nutrition: - Medical Nutrition Therapy

- An important component in the treatment of acute situations or chronic illness, trauma and malnutrition, improving the nutritional status and conservation as part of the overall medical care.


Nutrition Services Activities Medical Center include:

- Consulting services for the treatment of hospitalized patients nutritional need in various departments and its related clinic through our outpatient services.



Department offices are located near the Staff Dining Hall

Phone Number: 049 107 518 (recommended to call at 8-9: 30 14-15: 30(

Email: daphna.peter@naharia.health.gov.il

Head Dietician, Mrs. Daphne Peter

Dietician, Mrs. Eshet margin

Mr. Glick dietitian Yoaz

Dietician Mrs. Avital Elisha

Dietician Mrs. Fadul proper

Dietician and internal departments Ortofoi Mrs. Meirav Cohen

Dietician Mrs. Nivin Andreos

Recommendations for proper

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