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Nahariya Hospital - Divisions and Departments - Paramedical - Pharmacy   





The hospital’s pharmaceutical services division supplies medications and special services to the hospital’s various sectors.  It distributes drugs to all of the hospital units, to soldiers, doctors, members of Kupat Holim Meuhedet Healthcare Services, and sales to personnel.




The pharmacy is run according to a departmental pharmacy method, where each pharmacists is responsible for a number of departments.  The departmental pharmacist’s job is to fill the department’s weekly order, while supervising the consumption and inventories in the department under his responsibility.




Services provided by the pharmacy:

Distribution of medication to the departments, ordering reagents for all the laboratories and institutes.

Oncological and hematological cytotoxic preparations.

Galenical preparations based on the patient’s personal prescription:  syrup for children, creams, powders for preemies.

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) for adults, children and preemies.

Preparing syringes for impotency clinic

Preparing special eye drops for the ophthalmology department

Participation in clinical trials for the management of research drug inventory

Distribution of research drugs based on GCP regulations

Storage and replenishment of medications for state of emergency, such as chemical warfare, toxicological mass casualty events and mass casualties events, etc.

Monitoring and enforcing hospital policy regarding the use of antibiotics and its assimilation.

Participation in the Helsinki Commission, the pharmaceuticals commission and the infections commission.

Phone - 04-9107762
Fax - 04-9107428

    Department Director




Pharmacy Director

Dr. Uri Forshner




Assistant Director

Ms. Aliza Hershkovitz






Ms. Rivka Kimpel





Ms. Silva Perry  




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