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Sterile Supply

Nahariya Hospital - Divisions and Departments - Paramedical - Sterile Supply




General Description

The sterile supply department at hospitals is located at a critical and important junction on the road from the hospitalized patients to the next patient in need, where the challenge is to break the chain of contagion.



The guidelines at the basis of the department’s work are preventing infections in the patient, the environment and the staff.  The staff’s goal is to ensure that standards, safety and hygiene are adhered to, in order to protect the health of both the employees and patients, and to reach a maximal level of efficiency in terms of work processes and to ensure a satisfactory level of maintenance in the ongoing operation of expensive equipment.



During recent years, the hospital has rapidly developed and its activity has been expanded.  There are complex surgeries that integrate a large number of surgical kits for one surgery, complex back surgeries, general surgery, thoracic surgeries, orthopedics, etc.  All the equipment that serves these operations is received by sterile supply for treatment, washing and sterilization.



The level of satisfactory professional skill is a basic condition for the regular and continuous operation of the work environment in our department.  Coordinating the handling of devices and equipment in the sterile supply department ensures the methodological and efficient handling that meets the highest safety standards.



The modern medical era has produced many invasive treatments as well as successful manufacture of many diverse and very expensive devices and accessories.



The Challenge-

The Sterile Supply staff must ensure the quality of handling the accessories and devices in order to successfully treat the person in need, without complications that stem from a functional failure or the transmission of an infection as a result from their reuse.



Contact Information:

Department Director:  04-9107169

Department:  04-9107169

Fax:  04-9107169

Email:  Ziona.ohyon@naharia.health.gov.il

Sterile Supply Director



Nurse Head of Sterile Supply 

Ziona Ohayon

Sterile Supply Staff



Nurse Head of Sterile Supply 

  Adina Zamir



Nurse Head of Sterile Supply 

  Aharon Ezer Sofia



Nurse Head of Sterile Supply 

  Anna Moshe



Nurse Head of Sterile Supply 

 Arnona Shoker



Nurse Head of Sterile Supply 

 Shaul Zira

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