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Occupational Therapy Unit

Occupational therapy is a rehabilitative-therapeutic-educational profession that focuses on the functioning of the person in the home and community.  The profession provides services to children and adults in need of assistance following accidents, burns, emotional and physical illnesses, stroke, congenital and developmental disabilities.  The goal is to help the person return to an independent, productive and satisfying life.  Consequently, emphasis is placed on daily functioning, starting with basic activities such as dressing and bathing oneself, cleanliness, toilet use, and feeding oneself, as well as more complex functioning such as managing and organizing the household, functioning at work, and use of leisure.

The therapeutic process begins with an in-depth assessment designed to determine the patient’s functional status.  The therapeutic goals, duration, pace and frequency of treatment are determined based on the reason for the treatment and the patient’s medical diagnosis, while taking into consideration the patient’s sensory, motor, cognitive, emotional and social activities.

Treatment is comprised of practicing daily tasks in a safe, appropriate environment adapted to resemble the home, and if necessary, accessories are used in order to help the patient reach maximal independence in functioning despite his/her disability and current level of difficulty.

Phone - 04-9107521
Fax - 04-9107268

Occupational Therapy Director


Department Director

Dorit Itah

The Unit’s Staff


Head of Rehabilitation

Dana Iluz


Head of Physical Area

Mira Levana


Occupational Therapist

Suzy Levi


Occupational Therapist

Marwa Nachas


Occupational Therapist

Michal Agra Eli


Occupational Therapist

Ilana Fried


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