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Spinal Surgery

Divisions and Departments - Surgical Division - Orthopedics A

ORTHOPEDICS B (Spinal Cord Surgeries)

Useful information:

Department is located on the first floor of the Inpatient Surgical Building.

Contact Information:

To schedule an appointment at the outpatient clinic:  04-9107414

Department Secretary- Ms. Mora Buchbut: 04-9107310

Nurses Station:  04-9107808

Email: moran.buchbut@naharia.health.gov.il

Department Director




Orthopedic Surgery Specialist, Spinal Cord Surgeon

Dr. Nimrod Rachmimov

Senior Doctors 




Orthopedic Surgery Specialist,  Arthroscopy and joint surgery

Dr. Leonid Lichtenstein




Orthopedic Surgery Specialist, Spinal Cord Surgeon

Dr. Shai Freiman




Neuro-surgery Specialist, Spinal Cord Surgeon

Dr. Hani Mula




Orthopedic Surgery Specialist, Orthopedic trauma and joint surgeries  

 Prof. Nathan William Levi Pollock




Orthopedic Surgery Specialist, hand surgeries

Dr. Albert Gorsky






Dr. Dmitry Kuznitzov





Dr. Victor Poliansky





Dr. Ali Najar





Dr. Irena Morosov

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