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Surgery B

Department of General Surgery B was established in 2012 within the Galilee Medical Center.



The Department provides a solution for all general surgery-related diseases: liver surgery, colorectal surgery, gastric surgery, morbid obesity surgery, removal of tumors, and more.



Comprehensive general surgery services including surgical oncology, surgery of the liver biliary tract and pancreas, with bariatric surgery metabolic clinic multidisciplinary team that includes surgery of the colon and rectum and proctology.



In addition, the department provides a range of solutions for all types of trauma and emergency surgery.

The Department works in cooperation with professional and academic Department of General Surgery Henri Mondor Hospital in France in management professor Daniel Azolii.



Department four days a week regular operations (not including emergency surgery).



Specialization recognized by the Department of Scientific Council, and takes an active part in the process of training and learning of students of Bar Ilan Medical Faculty of the Galilee.



Means of communication:



Secretary: -

Phone 04-9107157

Fax - 049 107 071

Phone 04-9107200 position-

Director, Department of

Department head Dr. Igor Waxman

Medical team

Senior physician Dr. Mu'adh Faraj

Senior physician Dr M Remnick

Senior physician Dr. Muhammad cute


Interns Dr. Eugene Ilonin

Specialized physician Dr. Ronit BarChaim

Resident physician Dr. Mohamed Khalifa

Resident physician, Dr. Khalil Nasrallah

Interne Dr. Malik Maple

Nursing staff

Department Nurse Mrs. Ludmila Goldin

Deputy Nurse Department Yuval Salkind

Another team

Secretary Mrs. Susie Chemo

Social worker Mrs. Esther Cohen

Dietician Ms. Eshet margin



Areas of the Department

More information - more information in Surgery - Surgery in



Dr. Dr. Prague Mu'adh



Dr. Remnick



Dr. Hamoud Mohammed

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