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Divisions and Departments - Surgical Division - Anesthesiology and Recovery - Operating Rooms


The anesthesiology department has been an integral part of Nahariya’s Western Galilee Hospital since its inception.  The department’s three main goals are:

1.      Treatment of patients before, during and after surgery or painful procedures.

2.      Teaching and training of residents based on a structured residency program. 

3.      Promoting medical research.

Each year, approximately 14,000 operations are performed at the hospital, half of which are emergency surgeries.

Approximately 1,400 operations are performed on an outpatient basis.

The anesthesiology department treats surgical patients in the following fields:  general surgery, pediatric surgery, orthopedics, urology, thoracic surgery, E.N.T., ophthalmology, plastic surgery, spinal cord surgery, cardiovascular surgery and gynecology.

The department plays a unique and fascinating role in the obstetrics field.

Additionally, the department treats patients at the dental clinic, gastroenterology institute, the invasive imaging unit, and basically every place in the hospital where a patient requires sedation and analgesia and/or invasive treatment that requires the skills of an anesthesiologist such as inserting a central line for dialysis patients, spinal taps, etc.

The anesthesiology department’s physicians are skilled in all types of internationally accepted general and local anesthesiology and sedation techniques.
Phone - 04-9107732
Fax - 04-9107170 

Department Director








Department Director and Operating Room Director


Dr. Dafna Willner

The Medical Staff








Asst. Department Director

Dr. Alexander Gurevitz








Director of the Recovery Unit and the Pain Treatment Clinic  

Dr. Vita Verkel








 Director of the Obstetrics Anesthesiology Unit









Dr. Yevgeny Kukoyev















Anesthesiology and Preoperative Pediatric Specialist

 Dr. Tatiana Arazomanov








Anesthesiology and General Preoperative Specialist

Dr. Alexei Gavrielov









Dr. Alexander Slepak









Dr. Yuri Marchevsky









Dr. Masoud Faraj

Nursing Staff








Head Nurse- Recovery

Ms. Tzippy Mekel








Head Nurse - Operating Room

Ms. Simcha Breznis








Asst. Head Nurse - Operating Room

Mr. Michael Krozer








Head Nurse-Gynecological Operating Room








 Mr. Eli Cohen

Additional Staff








Department Secretary  

Ms. Ayelet Dayan








Medical Tool Operator

Mr. Yoel Stern







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