Liver Disease Unit

The Liver Unit of Galilee Medical Center focuses consultation, diagnosis and treatment of all liver diseases in adults as well as monitoring liver transplant recipients.



The unit was established in 2010 and strives to serve the population of the Galilee. In addition to the current needs of the medical center, the clinic deals with community awareness, education and prevention of the incidence of liver disease in the community and emphasizes collaboration with family physicians while at the same time maintains the research activity clinically related to liver diseases particularly viral diseases and maintains cooperation in basic scientific research with the Department of Virology with the Bar Ilan Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee.



The Liver Unit of Galilee Medical Center is in contact with the other units in the country as well as liver transplant centers and is associated with liver centers throughout the world. In order to complete the diagnosis and treatment of patients in need of complex care, there is discussion between our multidisciplinary teams and partnerships with:



Institute gastrointestinal tract:

- Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of complications of excessive L.d Exchange (varicose veins).

- Diagnosis and treatment of biliary Vatzreuot.



Imaging Centre:

- CT, MRI / MRCP leaders in the country.

- Alstografih integrated ultrasound: assessment of the scar without liver biopsy.




- Liver biopsy under ultrasound guidance.

- Radiology angiography treat liver cancer.

- Heavy surgical system and bile ducts.



Liver Clinic focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of all liver diseases and in particular in:

- Viral liver diseases:

- Hepatitis me (HBV) with or without HDV.

- Hepatitis C (HCV).



Fatty liver disease (NASH; NAFLD.)

- Alcoholic liver disease.

- Immunological liver disease (AIH) for biliary tract diseases: PBC; PSC.

- Cirrhosis.

- Liver cancer.

- Preparation and transplant referral center.

- Liver transplant recipients treated by coordination with the Center.



Multi-center clinical study and independent primarily in viral diseases.



Contact information and schedule an appointment clinic:



Appointments: 04-9107414, Fax. 04-9107464

Secretariat: 04-9107620, Fax. 04-9107545

Dr. Carmiel-Haggai: tel. 04-9107564




National Transplant Center:


Director of the Unit

Liver Diseases Unit Director Dr. Michal Carmiel-Haggai

Another team

The only sister Mrs. Cooperman halo-Bali

Research Coordinator Ms. Nadia Greenstein