Dental Clinic

The purpose of medical treatment:

Dental Unit and oral cavity GalileeMedicalCenter is a multidisciplinary clinic headed by Dr. Yigal Granot working alongside a skilled and experienced team of hygienists and physicians assistants; all accredited professional.

The unit operates under the auspices of the hospital providing a comprehensive medical care and cooperation.

Within the Dental Clinic patients can receive required treatment and build a program for further care or future procedures as needed such as prosthodontics providing both aesthetic and medical solutions necessary for continued tooth health.

As the department is currently under remodeling, waiting time to receive appointments may be prioritized for those seeking urgent care.

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Phone Number - 04-9107076
Fax - 04-9107687

We strive to provide our patients high quality dental care while maintaining the most professional environments, giving you great service and total comfort in our clinic.

Expert consultation with our medical staff can determine a comprehensive treatment program that will ensure the best possible care.

Clinic Manager

Unit Director Dr. Yigal Granot


Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Dr. Paul in


Dentist Dr. Bassam Masri

Dentist Dr. Yelena Hankin

Administrative Management

Administrative Management Ms.Siegel Shore