The Pediatric Surgery Department conducts emergency and elective surgical procedures for babies and children living in Haifa, the Western Galilee and northern Israel (from Hadera to the Golan Heights) for children and teens ages 0 to 15 years of age.   The department treats a wide variety of patients and specializes in congenital and acquired surgical problems, benign and malignant tumors in children and treatment of pediatric trauma patients.


The unit specializes in the treatment of preemies and newborns diagnosed with a congenital defect detected during pregnancy; in such cases, the department participates in prenatal counseling for parents, in conjunction with the hospital’s genetic institute.  The department actively participates in the postnatal examination and treatment of each of these newborns.  The department’s medical staff accompanies the parents during the pregnancy, providing detailed explanations of the medical problem and the surgical procedure required after the birth.

The department currently has 10 hospital beds for children and babies suffering from surgical, urological, and plastic surgery related problems, including burns.  Children from the orthopedics department, headed by Dr. Chaim Starker are also hospitalized in the department.

Phone - 04-9107569
Fax - 04-9107645

Department Director





Department Director

Dr. Yehiel Sweed

Medical Staff  





Senior Physician  

Dr. Alon Yulevitz






Dr. Moshe Leibovitz

Nursing Staff





Head Nurse

Ms. Smadar Okampo





Assistant Head Nurse

Ms. Ina Babyonishev







Ms. Sagit Partok