The Child and Family Guidance Unit was established in 1995, as a psychiatric service for children and   youth as part of the Western Galilee Hospital.

The unit’s goal is: To provide psychological and behavioral treatment for children and youth ages 6 to 18 who suffer from emotional disturbances expressed in unacceptable and unreasonable behavior.

The main rationale:  The unit’s therapeutic approach is to provide the patient with an opportunity to discover and become familiar with new possibilities for self-expression and self-discovery through the relationship with the therapists and unique therapeutic approaches. The child undergoes very intensive in-patient treatment, effectively reinforced by close cooperation between the therapeutic staff, the family and the patient.

Patient Population:

Children and youth ages 6 to 18

- Eating Disorders

- Personality Disorders

- Emotional disorders related to physical disease

- Psychological development

Telephone Numbers:

Secretary:  04-9107460

Nurses:  04-9107495

Fax: 04-9107675

School:  04-9107225

Department Director

Department Director, Child and Youth Psychiatrist

Dr. Marcelo Spitz

Medical Staff

Child and Family Psychiatrist

Dr. Lyudmila Sandelr


Dr. Michael Kozolin


Dr. Olga Tzumakov


Director of the department’s Psychological Staff, Chief Psychologist at the hospital, certified to perform and teach hypnosis

Dr. Udi Bonstein

Psychology Intern

  Ms. Avital Steinbrecher

Psychology Intern

Ms. Neta Fliderman

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Revital Zamari

Clinical Psychology Intern

Ms. Ilana Lichtig

Psychology Intern

Ms. Ariela Adelman

Licensed Psychologist

Ms. Leah Segal

Clinical Psychology Intern

Psychology Intern

Clinical Psychology Intern

Mr. Yaron Sofer

Licensed Psychologist

Ms. Efrat Gibons

Psychology Intern

Mr. Hanoch Agassi

Nursing Staff

Unit’s head nurse.  Clinical Supervisor, Internship for PT, Psychiatry and ICU 

Ms. Dorit Barmeli

Nurse - Certified R.N.

Ms. Izdihar Kial

Nurse -B.A+R.N

Mr. Vladi Kaslin

Nurse - R.N + B.A

Ms. Valentina Abuhazeira

Nurse - Certified R.N.

Ms. Chana Amsalem

Nurse - Certified R.N.

Ms. Tatiana Brodesky

Nurse - Certified R.N.

Ms. Marina Grizman

Paramedical Staff - Family Therapists/Social Workers

Head of the Unit Family Therapy

Ms. Ada Tzimani

Family Therapist and Social Worker  

Ms. Chana Bar

Family Therapist and Social Worker  

Ms. Ronit Maor

Family Therapist and Social Worker  

Ms. Narkis Shor

Social Counselor

Social Counselor

Mr. Salame Patrick

Social Counselor

Ms. Yifat Sofer

Social Counselor

Ms. Yolanda Zarihan

Social Counselor

Mr. Alex Kipershlak

Department Secretary  



Senior Medical Secretary

Ms. Dorit Tari