The hospital’s pediatrics department is the only one of its kind in the Western Galilee region.  The department treats children who are a few days old to adolescents aged 18.

The department features a team of experts from most medical fields, offering professional treatment for a variety of pediatric medical conditions.

The department has 48 beds.

Aside from the professional team of doctors and nurses, the department features a classroom with a team of certified teachers, as well as a computer room and a play room.  Additionally, parent training is run by the department’s staff, focusing on a variety of subjects such as breastfeeding and nutrition.

The department director is Dr. Leah Even, who heads a team of skilled, professional and dedicated doctors, nurses and interns.

Phone - 04-9107744
Fax - 04-9107743

Department Director


Department Director

Prof. Leah Even

Medical Team


Asst. Department Director

Dr. Said Kamal


Senior Pediatrician and Adolescent Medicine Consultant

Dr. Hano Noef


Children’s Health Expert

Dr. Hussein Dabach


Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Dr. Orit Elkayam


Pediatric Hematologist

Dr. Amir Kuperman

The Nursing Staff


Head Nurse

Albina Gelfand


Asst. Head Nurse

Nicole Amar

Professional Consultants


Pediatric Infectious Diseases Expert

Dr. Danny Glickman


Senior Physician, Pediatric Neurologist and Director of the Child Development Center

Dr. David Savitzky


Senior Physician, Pediatric Cardiologist

Dr. Asala Nazia


Senior Physician, Pediatric Nephrologist

Dr. Irit Weisman


Senior Physician, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Hani Mula


Senior Physician, Director of the Pediatric Orthopedics Unit

Dr. Yafim Steker


Senior Physician, Pediatric Endocrinology Consultant, Director of the Pediatrics Department

Dr. Leah Even

Department Secretary


Department Secretary

Hagit Avital-Hatan