Nahariya Hospital - Divisions and Departments - Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine C


Internal Medicine C is one of six internal medicine departments at the Western Galilee Hospital.

The department treats a variety of internal medicine diseases:  cardiac, lung, digestive system, kidney and infectious diseases.

Internal Medicine C, which is recognized as an internship department, offers clinical field experience for medical and nursing students.

Medical and nursing school students are accompanied by a team of doctors and nurses who specialize in their training.

Visiting hours at the department:

Morning:  12:00-14:00

Evening:  16:00-20:00

Information hour for the patient and his family members:  13:00-14:00.

Telephone:  04-9107560
Fax - 04-9107104

Department Director

Department Director

Dr. Yaakov Verkel

Medical Staff

Deputy Department Director

Dr. Elias Nassar

Senior Physician

Dr. Rima Feldman

Senior Physician

Dr. Valerie Bilik

Nursing Staff

Head Nurse

Julia Araf

Assistant Head Nurse

Sarit Eisenberg

Head of Nursing Staff

Ms. Ganam Otara

Additional Staff


Ms. Tal Rahum

Social Worker

Ms. Olga Lizovesky