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The rehabilitation department treats patients, who have suffered a cerebral vascular accident, amputees, accident victims with various organ injuries, patients who have undergone surgery to repair the femoral neck or a joint replacement, serious brain injuries and patients suffering from spinal cord diseases or injuries.

Patients admitted to the rehabilitation department include patients or victims who were independent until the onset of the disease or accident that led to their hospitalization.

The department is run by Dr. Tzur Atzmon and his team of experienced senior doctors and nurses.

Phone - 04-9107574
Fax - 04-9107253

Department Director

Department Director

Dr. Tzur Atzmon

The Medical Staff


Dr. Nail Shakir

The Nursing Staff

Head Nurse

Ms. Riki Moscovitz

Assistant Head Nurse

Tamara Gilman



Ms. Ronit Atiya

Paramedical Staff

Social Worker

Ms. Emmy Almaliah

Speech Therapist

Ms. Luba Gefen

Occupational Therapist

Ms. Dana Iluz


Ms. Hiba Nassar


Mr. Nidal Atralla