Nahariya Hospital - Divisions and Departments - Internal Medicine - General and Respiratory Intensive Care


The General and Respiratory Intensive Care Unit is comprised of two units:

The General Intensive Care Unit - Tel: 04-9107731

The Respiratory Intensive Care Unit - Tel: 04-9107685

Both units work in one physical space and are prepared to receive and treat complex patients, primarily those with one or more collapsed systems; as well as severe, acute or chronic diseases that attack essential life systems.  Additionally, we receive patients with multisystem injuries following an accident or patients who need special supervision following major surgeries, from all the divisions, surgical, orthopedic, gynecological, etc.

Both the units are situated in the new building on the first floor above the X-Ray building and can receive up to 30 patients, with almost every patient in a private room.

Division Director

Division Director

Dr. Mahul Nikola

The Medical Staff

Senior Physician

Dr. Amos Sabo

Senior Physician

Dr. Samuhalov Alex

Senior Physician

Dr. Larisa Yaakobson


Dr. Tatiana Hajaj


Dr. Morad Ghali


Dr. Olga Rotzky

The Nursing Staff

Head Nurse

Levana Yaakobson

Assistant Head Nurse

Mr. Daud Piras

Additional Staff


Nurit Asaf

Social Worker

Ms. Yaarit Regev -Hazan