Nahariya Hospital - Divisions and Departments - Internal Medicine - Cardiology


The cardiology department run by Dr. Shaul Atar provides services to patients suffering from all types of heart disease, in all stages, as follows: 

-         Cardiac Intensive Care

-         Cardiac Department

-         Cardiac Clinic

-         Cardiac Catheterization Unit

-         Electrophysiology and Pacemaker Unit

-         Echocardiograph Service

-         Non-invasive cardiac tests, stress tests and 24 hour EKG recording (cardiac Holter)

-         Consultation service to all departments

-         Clinical research unit

The department includes a professional team of specialists and senior physicians, 30 registered nurses who have attended a basic intensive care course, a social worker, a dietician, biomedical technologists, a research coordinator and auxiliary staff.

Phone - 04-9107214
Fax -  04-9107279

Department Director

Cardiology Department Director

Dr. Shaul Atar

Medical Staff

Assistant Director, Specialist

Dr. Alicia Veshniak

Cardiac Catheterization Unit Director

Dr. Mark Berzines

Director of the Pacemaker and Electrophysiology Unit

Dr. Ron Sela

Specialist - Physician

Dr. Mark Gelerman

Specialist - Physician

Dr. Sergei Pinzor

Specialist - Physician

Dr. Alex Shtorman


Dr. Natalie Neprokin


Dr. Nancy Friedman


Dr. Eli Halfon


Dr. Wadia Canaani


Dr. Yevgeny Yampolsky

Nursing Staff

Cardiac Department and ICU Head Nurse

Mr. Majdy Susan

Cardiac Department and ICU Assistant Head Nurse

Ms. Mariana Fisher

Cardiac Catheterization Unit Head Nurse

Mr. Avraham Dado