Nahariya Hospital - Divisions and Departments - Internal Medicine - Neurology


The Western Galilee Hospital’s Neurology Department functions as a comprehensive system for the diagnosis and treatment of the brain, central and peripheral nervous system and muscular diseases.

Patients suffering from the following diseases are hospitalized in the department:

1.      Strokes of all types

2.      Infectious diseases of the brain and meningitis

3.      Management of patients with Parkinson’s Disease

4.      Management of epileptic seizures

5.      Investigating neurological syndromes manifested in the paralysis of limbs, such as myelopathy, acute and chronic peripheral neuropathy, motor neuron disease, myopathies.

6.      Treatment and management of patients with myasthenia gravis.

7.      Multiple Sclerosis - assessment and treatment of an active attack.

8.      Patients with degenerative diseases of the brain and cerebellum.

9.      Assessment of decreased cognitive functioning.

10.    Brain and spinal cord tumors.

11.     Suspected paraneoplastic syndrome.

Phone - 04-9107410
Fax - 04-9107167

Department Director

Department Director

Prof. Bella Gross

Medical Staff

Assistant Department Director - Specialist

Dr. Michael Sola

Senior Physician

Dr. Valid Samri

Senior Physician

Dr. Nelly Greenberg

Senior Physician

Dr. Olga Azrilin


Dr. Lev Shorinkov


Dr. Anka Leibovitz


Dr. Natalia Chesnik


Dr. Oleg Yonev

Nursing Staff

Department Head Nurse

Ms. Sara Ostreicher

Assistant Head Nurse

Ms. Bracha Estruk

Research Coordinator/Nurse

Ms. Yuli Feldman

Research Coordinator/Nurse

Ms. Yael Elik


Department Secretary

Ms. Batya Albukhri

Neurophysiological Institute and Neurological Clinics Secretary

Ms. Bilha Lev