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The Geriatric Department was established in 1995.  The treatment at the geriatric department focuses on unique medicine tailored to the third generation. In general, patients over the age of 65 years are transferred to the geriatric department from the emergency room and the other departments in order to receive treatment that is relevant to phenomena and difficulties prevalent among this population.





The treatment focuses on the in-depth treatment of the patient who suffers from a variety of illnesses found in the senior population.

The medical and nursing staff is skilled in geriatric medicine.  Our department offers its services using a multidisciplinary and holistic approach that examines all of the problems, both medical and others, faced by the senior patient, under one roof.  The active medical treatment takes into account not only the active medical treatment but also preventative treatment (primary, secondary and tertiary).

In addition, we offer individual training, family training, group training and consultation with external parties when necessary.

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Department Director





Department Director

Dr. Yehoshua Kamenetz

Medical Staff





Senior Physician

  Dr. Liovov Dvorkin





Senior Physician

 Dr. Bella Greenfeld

Nursing Staff





Acting Head Nurse

 Hanna Kosta





Assistant to the Head Nurse

  Nina Katz