For over 60 years the Western Galilee Hospital-Nahariya, located on Israel's northern border a scant six miles from Lebanon, has been the only hospital serving the over half a million residents of northwestern Israel. Begun as a small birthing center, the Western Galilee Hospital is currently a 660-bed treatment, teaching and research facility. It is the largest employer in the region, with a staff of over 2,200 doctors, nurses and ancillary personnel and bosts 300 volunteers. Playing an important role in regional development, Western Galilee Hospital (WGH) has created an atmosphere of peace and tolerance, cooperation and friendship. Its staff reflects the Galilee's culturally diverse mosaic of Jews, Moslems, Christians, Druze, and large immigrant populations from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. In addition to providing civilian care, the hospital is a treatment center for the Israel Defense Forces.


Western Galilee Hospital is a teaching hospital affiliated with the new Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee of Bar-Ilan University. Many of WGH hold appointments to the faculty and we are proud to be the largest recipient of medical residents from the new medical school. A forerunner in quality medical care, WGH is the first Israeli hospital to fully meet the stringent criteria of the International Standards Organization and to receive hospital-wide ISO 9001 certification and hopes to attain Joint Commission certification in the coming year.


During the Lebanon war in the summer of 2006, Western Galilee Hospital received the largest number of both civilian and military casualties. Its well-honed emergency preparedness procedures and its extensive underground hospitalization facilities enabled it to function without interruption despite damage to buildings and equipment from incoming rockets.

Regional Advancement

The hospital development takes into account the demands of population growth, as well as possible mass casualty events and war. Currently in planning or in various stages of construction are the bomb-proof Department of Emergency Medicine, the Women's Health Wing, and the Geriatrics and Rehabilitation Departments. The recently completed Intensive Care Unit is the largest and most modern in Israel, the only one in the country protected from conventional and non-conventional warfare, as well as from industrial toxicological accidents.

Our friends around the world provide vital support to our comprehensive medical center as it endeavors to provide quality medical care to the people of northern Israel.