Our Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center Just Opened to Better Serve our Community with Professional Competence, Cutting-Edge Practice and Academic Excellence

We're glad to report that Samih Kiwan (18 1/2), from Maccabi Tzur Shalom's team in the Youth Soccer League, recently underwent complex surgery using an innovative method that restored his ligaments and meniscus. Thanks to the surgery's success, he is expected to resume training soon and return to the soccer field.
Galilee Medical Center’s General Director Dr. Masad Barhoum was in Brussels recently as a special guest of the Israeli delegations to the European Union and NATO.
An Israel Physicians' Association Scientific Council Committee recently visited Galilee Medical Center and relayed the good news following a meeting with the PICU's staff headed by Dr. Zeev Zonis since 1998.
Dr. Ora Bitterman-Deutsch, Head of Galilee Medical Center's Dermatology and Venereology outpatient clinic, advises the public to undergo regular periodic skin checkups since Non Melanoma skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer.
Galilee Medical Center's

Visitors' Parking Lot is being expanded so that more parking spaces will be available to benefit visitors.

In this regard, beginning Saturday evening October 7, 2017
The Segula Unit, established by our management in cooperation with the Center for Social Equality, provides seniors with special services and information on subjects such as long-term care, medical rehabilitation, home health care, rights and benefits for Holocaust survivors, employment of foreign workers, rights of family members who care for long-term residents, long-term care and access to rehabilitation and mobility facilities.
Drs. Grober and Marshak operated with an endoscopic approach through her nose and facial cavities. The method was performed for the first time in Israel via a 3D endoscopic system of STORZ imported from Breslauer Ltd Medical Technologies.
I'm a "Dream Doctor" - a medical clown. I skate around Galilee Medical Center with a red nose, a tambourine and a guitar and work as part of the multidisciplinary care teams in a variety of departments helping to improve patient wellbeing and care.
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