Galilee Medical Center's

Visitors' Parking Lot is being expanded so that more parking spaces will be available to benefit visitors.

In this regard, beginning Saturday evening October 7, 2017
The Segula Unit, established by our management in cooperation with the Center for Social Equality, provides seniors with special services and information on subjects such as long-term care, medical rehabilitation, home health care, rights and benefits for Holocaust survivors, employment of foreign workers, rights of family members who care for long-term residents, long-term care and access to rehabilitation and mobility facilities.
Drs. Grober and Marshak operated with an endoscopic approach through her nose and facial cavities. The method was performed for the first time in Israel via a 3D endoscopic system of STORZ imported from Breslauer Ltd Medical Technologies.
I'm a "Dream Doctor" - a medical clown. I skate around Galilee Medical Center with a red nose, a tambourine and a guitar and work as part of the multidisciplinary care teams in a variety of departments helping to improve patient wellbeing and care.
Congratulations to our first group of employees who finished the "OFEK" Program — literally translated as "On the horizon, a special program on Leadership and Excellence for selected Galilee Medical Center staff."
We're promoting innovation to benefit our patients! We recently hosted a national conference on Repair of Hernias in the Abdominal Wall with dozens of senior physicians and department heads from hospitals throughout Israel in attendance as well as Dr. Tim Tollens from Belgium...
General Director Dr. Masad Barhoum was recognized by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and received its International Human Dignity Award for the humanitarian work of our staff, from all sectors, in treating injured Syrians.
Since the delegation visited Budapest, there has been a constant stream of Hungarian professionals visiting the Western Galilee. These include social workers from the Budapest University of Jewish Studies, a senior official from the Budapest ambulance services, exchange medical students, and executives from a private hospital in Budapest.
Galilee Medical Center opened a new clinic to treat complex cases of osteoporosis, such as for rheumatology patients treated with steroids and others in need. Patients are examined jointly by Dr. Marina Nudelman, a Senior Endocrinologist who worked for several years in Rambam's Bone Metabolism Unit, and Dr. Ziv Paz, Director of our Rheumatology Unit.
Dr. Azoulay: "Cancer cuts across all ethnic and religious groups. The ICRF-Israel event was attended by influential people from the Muslim, Christian and Druze sectors which constitute a mosaic of communities in the Galilee, and exposed them to the ICRF's work which aims to promote cancer research.
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